100 Years the investing game

100 Years The Investing Game offers an investing experience in which your students choose their own investments and manage their portfolio in order to save enough for retirement. Their progress is tracked during each turn ("year") and at the end of 100 years, you can compare their performance using statistics from game play to instruct them or to prompt a discussion. The stats generated can also be used for educational research. While we are currently in beta testing, you can try the game out and then contact us to host a game in your class or school.

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The plan for the future

We're not done here, not even close. Practicing smart financial decisions is only the first step in preparing students for success:

We don't live in a vacuum. We are responsible for those around us. Cooperating with others and working in teams is the next step in our development. We learn to cooperate with our classmates and teachers with school work, and our families at home, but why aren't we taught cooperation in finance? We need to cooperate with co-workers and business partners to achieve our goals, customers to serve their needs, and banks and regulators to get and keep the funds we need to succeed. That's why in the next game you'll get to run your own business!

Cooperate and trade with competitors, budget and spend, manage and grow your business, all while keeping your customers and employees happy. Follow its development on our blog.

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100 Years

is only the beginning...

200 Years

the young mogul...

300 Years