Learn To Invest By Doing

We provide simple, interactive investing games to students and new investors. The games simulate personal investing, saving for retirement, managing income and expenses, taking loans, and even running a business. Sequels will include buying from, selling to, trading with and competing against other players.

If you are a school or investing club and would like to host one of our games for your students or members, contact us for details. Our games serve as a teaching tool for Meetups and financial advisors as well.

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100 Years The Investing Game

100 Years The Investing Game offers an investing experience in which players choose their own investments and manage their portfolio in order to save enough for retirement.

Their progress is tracked and at the end of 100 years, student performance is compared using statistics from game play. This information can be used by teachers to instruct students, prompt discussions, and aid in educational research.

Learn more about its features, progress, estimated release dates and formats.

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